No Deals Yet As Cavs Approach Deadline

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been talked about a lot this season as the trade deadline approaches. Unfortunately the Cavs have had a tough time getting anything done. They haven't had the right mix of players to unload, and they don't want to part with certain pieces of the puzzle. Further complicating matters is that the Cavs gave away (and I do mean GAVE AWAY) their first round pick for this season to the Boston Celtics when they got Jiri Welsch in the 04-05 season.

I need to change the subject before I start to get angry about Jiri Welsch and Jim Paxson all over again.

Anyway, the Cavs have had a tough road to haul trying to get access to available point guards like Mike James, Jason Kidd, or Mike Bibby. But now, rumor has it that the Cavs might possibly have the inside track on Mike Bibby by utilizing a third team. The Kings would get Mike James, the Cavs would get Mike Bibby, and the Cavs would give up Drew Gooden and possibly more because Gooden doesn't make nearly as much money as is owed to Bibby.

So that is where it stands now. I have stated before, and I will say it again (especially after last night's spectacular -winning rebound/dunk) that the only two untouchable players on the Cavs' roster are LeBron James and Anderson Varejao.

And yes, that means you too Larry Hughes. Hughes has played much better of late, but at more than $13 million per year, he just doesn't do enough to justify his price. Also not to mention the fact that getting rid of Hughes would mean the Cavs have enough flexibility to sign up and comers Varejao and Sasha Pavlovic.

So that is the status as of right now. Hopefully the Cavs will continue to work the phones and possibly get themselves a new point guard before the end of the day. If it ends up being Mike Bibby, the rest of the Eastern Conference better watch out for a much better prepared Cleveland Cavaliers team as we head toward the playoffs.