Browns 14 - Ravens 15

Yesterday Deezo and I headed down to the Browns and for about three quarters and 12 minutes it was a joyous experience.

The last three minutes of the was not so joyous as the Ravens intercepted, drove 47 yards, and kicked the winning 52 yard field goal.

Man, that is not only frustrating, but par for the course. The Browns team, by all accounts outperforms expectations in this , but can't pull off a victory. There might not be anything worse than that. At least in prior weeks, I could blame someone. This week, who are you going to blame?

Maurice Carthon had a pretty good offensive attack going that reacted to the intense pressure of the Baltimore defense. The Browns had some bad offensive series, but they made adjustments and moved the ball a few times in each half of the . One of the scoring plays was a downfield throw that gave Braylon Edwards a chance to make a play, and he did scoring the touchdown. He also didn't get into an overly conservative stance in the second half. The team didn't execute from the Ravens' 5 yard line, and Charlie Frye threw an interception, but I still can't argue with the play call. It was a risk, but it was a high percentage attempt to put the nail in the coffin. You can argue that that is exactly what you should try to do in that situation, and it wasn't going to happen in the running .

Kellen Winslow could have been blamed after a really stupid taunting call, but they got that yardage back in that same series. On top of that winslow had 7 catches and 97 yards, so even though he made a pretty bad judgement error on that taunting call, you never would have been in a position to win without his contributions.

Charlie Frye could be blamed for throwing the interception in the 4th quarter, but he was being hit as he threw and he was sacked 7 times yesterday. He was knocked down a number of times in addition to that 7. Yet, he remained steadfast in that pocket, scrambling out when he needed to. He took sacks rather than forcing passes into bad coverage situations. I don't think you can say he played a bad .

The defense played a great overall. They allowed Baltimore to drive 47 yards on the final drive of the , but they were still able to force Baltimore to kick a 52 yarder. They stopped them a number of times during the . They sacked McNair twice and hurried him and knocked him down a number of other times.

So you are left with a pretty well-played that just didn't work out in the end. It hurts, but it is hard to be angry.