The Cleveland Browns and Career-Threatening Injuries

I don't know what it is about the Browns, but they seem to have their undue share of injuries which end up taking the careers of relatively young players. Last season, Gary Baxter had both of his knees explode on the same play. Dayleon McCutcheon was lost for the season after not recovering from his knee surgery. LeCharles Bentley's patellar tendon exploded and as of yesterday, he has been ruled out of action for the second season since being signed to a huge free agent contract with the Browns.

I think maybe this will finally put the Browns' unending uphill climb out of the basement in perspective. What other examples in the National Football League can you think of where a team signed players of the caliber of Gary Baxter and LeCharles Bentley only to lose both to career-threatening injuries. Said another way, you expect guys to perform at a pro-bowl level and all of a sudden your expectations have to be tempered to the point that it would be promising if they ever hit the practice field again.

How do you rebuild from catastrophes like this? Is it a curse? Is it just bad luck? Can you overcome it? How long until the fans just give up on this franchise?